Mexican original comic cover art PEDRO INFANTE #212 Pepe El Toro 1980s

WELCOME AND THANKS FOR WATCHING! The series of Pedro Infante its a fiction life of this famouse and iconic Mexican Character. HHave amazing arts with an excellenet technic of drawing! Dont let it go this amazing original cover art, UNIQUE!! Measures: cover art: 20″ x 14.6″. EUROPE & SOUTH AMERICA—-FREE. REST OF THE WORLD—–FREE.


THEN IT RAINED COMICS PRESENTS. ANTHRO #3 art APPROVAL COVER PROOF and COLOR GUIDE. 1963 Howie Post Evil LURKS. Great thrills highlights these must have pieces of of ORIGINAL COVER ART……. From the 1963 and DC comics these are the ORIGINAL APPROVAL COVER PROOF and the ORIGINAL HAND COLORED COLOR GUIDE to the cover of
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W0rldtr33 #5 Wilshrike Original Cover Art

Check out the live at the date in the title to see book. This is an original piece of art 1/1.

Garbage Pail Kids Artist Comic Cover Original Art Painting Nasty Nick GPK IDW

Garbage Pail Kids Artist Blank Comic Cover Original Art Painting Nasty Nick GPK. Airbrush, Acrylic and Pencil art by Australian GPK artist Brent Scotchmer. Brent has produced 1000’s of officially licenced sketch cards for the Topps brand and you are purchasing this piece directly from the Artist.

Rin Tin Tin Golden Age Vintage Published WaterColor Cover Original art work 1961

Rin Tin Tin Old West Vintage Published Water Color Cover Original art work 1961. Brazilian Original art from Editora Brasil america LTDA – EBAL publishing from Year 1961. Used in the printing process of the Rin tin Tin Comic Book!! Vintage Unique Piece FOR FRAME AND HANG IN YOUR WALL!!! SIZE 11 x 16,5 inches
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Sketch cover blank original art, Flash by Dan Neidlinger

Own a piece of DC Universe history with this original sketch cover blank of Flash, signed by artist Dan Neidlinger. This unique piece of collectible artwork features Flash (Jay Garrick) and Flash in action, rendered in Neidlinger’s signature style. Designed in 2023, this piece is a must-have for any fan of the Modern Age (1992-Now)
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Sketch cover blank original art, Superman by Dan Neidlinger

This is a one-of-a-kind sketch cover blank original art featuring Christopher Reeve Superman created by renowned illustrator Dan Neidlinger. It is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The artwork is based on the Superman movie series. This piece is a must-have for any fan of US Comics, especially those who love collecting original
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Verotika #15 Complete Original Art for STUMPS 12 Pages Unused Cover DANZIG

Up for sale is the following. Complete Original Artwork for the Verotika Story “Stumps” from Issues #15. Complete Story Script – 15 Pages (Fine Condition). Complete Story board – 12 Pages. Complete Original Artwork for the entire short story – 12 Pages (Pages are all NM). Unused Cover Artwork for Verotika Issue #15. In a
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Mike Mignola 1994 Showcase #3 Original Production Art Cover DC Comics Batman VIL

And check out OUR NEWLY LISTED ITEMS. This is an original printed production art cover for Showcase’94 #3, published by DC Comics in March of 1994. It features an awesome cover image, with artwork by the legendary Mike Mignola, who is now best-known as the creator and artist of Hellboy. But he has also done
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ORIGINAL ART COMIC COVER; STRAY BULLETS #27 Art by (& Signed by) DAVID LAPHAM (pencils & inks) (Published October, 2002 El Capitan) Dangling Foot cover. Paper-Size: Approximately 14″ x 11″ (35cm x 28cm). Condition: In great-shape; white paper with very little to no wear or significant defects. In this issue: Beth can’t find Amy and
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