Garbage Pail Kids Artist Comic Cover Original Art Painting Nasty Nick GPK IDW

Garbage Pail Kids Artist Blank Comic Cover Original Art Painting Nasty Nick GPK. Airbrush, Acrylic and Pencil art by Australian GPK artist Brent Scotchmer. Brent has produced 1000’s of officially licenced sketch cards for the Topps brand and you are purchasing this piece directly from the Artist.

Garbage Pail Kids Origins #01. Original sketch cover art by Calvin Henio

Original, one of a kind, high quality. Comic book sketch cover art. Light pencils with P. Igma Micron pens for inking. Garbage Pail Kids Origins #01, sketch cover. Bony Tony & Hy Gene. Original, hand drawn art by me, Calvin Henio. Both front & back cover have art. Comic book is in NM condition. However
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