J Scott Campbell 2007 Sketchbook Signed Cover Abby Chase Original Art Inside

== Thank you for viewing this collectible offer ==. J Scott Campbell 2007 Sketchbook. Signed Cover and Abby Chase sketch on inside page. If you have any additional questions about the item, do not hesitate to ask. I appreciate the time you have taken to view this item! The item “J Scott Campbell 2007 Sketchbook
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J Scott Campbell Art Gallery Expo Exclusive Visit Original Cover Art

J. Scott Campbell Original Art Sketch Spider-man 800 Virgin Cover B CGC 9.6

Amazing Spider-Man #800 J Scott Campbell Virgin Variant Cover B. Signed and Sketched(Spider-Man) by J Scott Campbell. We all know how hard it is to get a sketch from JSC. Especially a detailed Spider-Man sketch like this one. You can tell by the fine and clean lines that he spent some time with this sketch.
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J Scott Campbell True Blood Cover Prelim Original Comic Book Art

J Scott Campbell True Blood Cover Prelim Original Art. This is the prelim for True Blood #1. These sketches were printed in Campbells Rough Stuff book. I have included photos from the book(Rough Stuff not included just for reference) and the actual cover which is almost identical to the sketch with the image flipped(Comic IS
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